Reuben Burgess

On this earthly perch, level with treetops, I am happy in bright sunlight and fresh air.

carpet of green tree tops undulating to a distant meeting with blue sky

Toward a darkness shrouded in green, I pass an oak stunted on this high ground.
Its' plight pondered, the Black Jack seems happy and healthy.

stunted black jack oak with big healthy leaves and luxrient color

I reach the green encased darkness.
A great sandstone staircase plummets into an abyss.
I rush down steep stone steps into the unknown.

Bright gray stone steps droping dramatically into what appears to be a deep dark hole

I discover bright cheerfulness.

A bright spot of daisies against a backdrop of lichen and moss covered sandstone.

Some thoughts

COPYRIGHT 2001 Reuben Burgess All rights reserved