On this earthly perch, level with treetops, I am happy in bright sunlight and fresh air.

I am high on the western edge of a sandstone cliff. Treetops, stretching to the horizon, undulate in a stiff breeze. It is as though an ocean of green leaves has been placed at my feet. I want to jump in and swim. Of course, at a little over three meters per second per second and a distance of forty meters, the maximum possible length of the swim could only be a little less than three seconds and would end in a boulder strewn cliff bottom. Immediately, the idea of swimming in the treetops vanishes. The air is warm and fresh on this sunlit precipice and brings with it wonderful forest scents. I spot a dark hole in the canopy, south, at a distance of about a five-minute walk. Perhaps it is a whirlpool in my ocean that sucks unwary swimmers into an abyss from which there is no escape. I must investigate.