If I regularly accomplish more than normally expected,
then normally expected is more easily accomplished.

Here are some things to do before beginning a new exercise program.

Get a Doctor

While exercise can be a lot of fun, it is still a serious undertaking. A good exercise program exercises heart, lungs, blood vessels, bones, ligaments and everything else... even hair follicles. Being sure of your health is essential before beginning a new exercise program. Get a physical. Consult with a specialist for an existing health condition (i.e., heart condition, knee problem ). Exercise should progress slowly from extremely easy to comfortable and accomplishable levels. Current health is the barometer for what is reasonably accomplishable.

Get a Nutritionist

Plenty of nutritious food with ample calories is needed to get the full benefit from exercise. Nutritionists know food and the effects of food on people. They can set food goals that are realistic and attainable and ensure your food choices are nutritionally correct for your body, life style, and fitness goals.

Get a Trainer

Trainers provide good exercise strategies. A good trainer can help anyone gain the maximum benefit from a fitness program. Trainers are essential for those with a health concern or not currently in good physical condition. The trainer you choose should have the background and training experience necessary to meet your specific needs. Trainers, knowing that confidence in their ability is an important asset, will give you information about their background, certification, areas of expertise, and references.

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