IronTedium To Do List

Being careful to observe all safety precautions, climb a really big tree.

Walk 8 kilometers then run 8 more.

Drink plenty of water.

Watch birds.

Eat lots of fish.

Study something new to you about the world.

Stretch many times a day every day.


Walk barefoot on a beach.

Ensure your higher cortex is fully operational when responsible for piloting any vehicle.

Bake bread.

Fly a kite.

Learn how a dragon fly flies.

Set up mining and manufacturing on the Moon.

Set up mining and manufacturing on Mars.

Use Moon and Mars manufacturing to build platforms capable of sustaining life while independantly orbiting the Sun.

Use Independant Orbiting Platform (IOP) to produce food and manufactured goods for Earth, Moon, Mars and IOP's.

Build IOP's for tourist and vacation destinations.

Build an Intersteller Flight Independant Orbiting Platform (IFIOP) .

Send IFIOP to the nearest star

Discover Inter-Brane Transportation and Communication structures and interfaces (IBTCSI).

Use IBTCSI to build Inter-Brane Transportation and Communication Network (IBTCN) to move material and services between IFIOPs.

Develop technology to safely transport organic material through IBTCN.

Build Inter-Brane Organic Transport (IBOT)

Integrate IBOT with IBTCN to quickly, securely, and safely move personnel, material, and services, and communicate between IFIOPs.

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